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Online Dental Implant Residency

Led by our expert faculty, we will guide you in all aspects of basic dental implant training from treatment planning to complication management .

Soft Tissue Grafting around dental Implants

Step by Step Online Course on the most common soft tissue grafting procedures

The Ultimate All on X Course

Our yearly sold out course is now available fully online. Covers step by step removable overdenture and immediate load fixed protocols

Partial Extraction Therapy (PET)-Socket Shield

Online Socket Shield course covering the history of technique, literature, histology, clinical step by step technique, complication management and more !

Maxillary Sinus Membrane Elevation

Techniques for Sub Antral Grafting: covers both indirect(crestal) and lateral window approach

Immediate Molar Technique

Online course covering a literature based overview of the immediate molar technique step by step